Thursday, June 16, 2016

Math 1 Guided Notes

If your not familiar with the MTBoS group you are truly missing out. I never knew what it was like to share ideas and resources with other teachers until I came across all the amazing bloggers and twitter users out there that love math just as much as I do. It's interesting to think that I have been a teacher for 7 years now and this is the first year I really felt like I had a PLN. Part of that is that it took me several years (unfortunately) to gain the passion I have now for teaching and I never sought the help I needed back then to be a better teacher. So, now all my spare time is used reading blogs and creating new materials for my classroom to hopefully motivate and encourage my students and their learning. I have found that in the MTBoS group if you just ask someone for help they are right there to answer any question you have and will even share materials they have on the topic you might be searching information on. I've been inspired by so many of you guys that I wanted to give back in some way too. Today I created a google doc with links to PDF files of all the guided notes I've been working on so far this summer. It's definitely a work in progress because I am trying to change them from fill in the blanks to complete sentences so students only have to highlight important words and we can save time in class. Everyday that I complete a new set of notes I'll be adding it to the google doc which will automatically update. So check back later if your looking for a specific topic. After the notes are completed I plan to make annotated copies so you can see exactly what I plan to highlight and write out. Then I will be working on card sorts for most topics and technology assignments. I will create another google doc for these materials which some of you might be more interested in. I do have editable copies of all my notes so if you want the original word file just leave a comment or send me a message on twitter and I'll be glad to email the file. Hope this helps someone in need and thank you to all those who have supported me this past year on my journey to becoming a better teacher. 

You can also find this document under the math 1 tab on my blog homepage :)

Just FYI you may find some documents are inspired or even copied from others that I have found reading blogs. Please shoot me a message with your blog name and I'll be happy to site you as my inspiration and resources for the notes. 

Bloggers Who Inspire Me...
and many many more!!

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