Thursday, September 3, 2015

Group Work & Supply Baskets

 Group Work is a MUST in my classroom. Considering I used to use the old school “talk at you” method this group work idea really took some time to warm up to. But after realizing students can and eventually will help each other I began to understand the cooperative learning process. It reinforced my lecture because students were forced to repeat what they just learned in order to help their classmates. This year my groups consist of 4 students which I seem to like better than my old groups of 3. Basically because no one should feel left out. Each group contains two baskets. One for supplies and one for trash. The supply baskets contain scissors, rulers, 10 markers, 4 pencils, 4 highlighters, 1 eraser, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 glue stick, 1 bottle of glue, 1 glue sponge, and 4 student feedback cards. To separate each group baskets we used different colored duck tape on everything in the basket so if something fell on the floor we could return it to its proper place. I also have 3 supply checkers for each class to help keep things organized.

Recently we added one whiteboard and dry erase marker for every student in the group. We are currently using these to answer questions after our do now instead of me going over every question. Trying to keep it fun! 

In case there are any additional items that students might need like white out, paper clips, staples (so when they run out they don't ask me), tape, colored pencils, extra markers, and loose leaf paper. So far they haven't wandered off but I also have some really good students. I simply explained that almost all there materials were bought with my own personal money and that I am a single mom on a budget so please respect me and the things that I help to provide for them. 

So that's my classroom group setup and now that I'm totally relying on teaching through Interactive Notebooks I love having my supply baskets for every group at their desks. Keeping things near and organized for them has made things so much easier and faster. Hope to inspire other INB teachers to get and stay organized. More to follow on how I set up each foldable to really cut down on confusion and time. 

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