Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My first ever blog post

Hello MTBoS!! 

Super big thanks to Sarah @mathequalslove who inspired me to start my own blog and join the MTBoS group on twitter. About two years ago I had a big wake up call from my principal... basically I was put on probationary status and forced into weekly meetings to discuss my lesson plans for the coming week. Well that was the hardest and most stressful time in my teaching career not to mention I was a single mom of an almost 8 month old. Basically lesson planning is not my cup of tea, I'm more of a To-Do List girl than a full blown lesson plan teacher. But with that being said I pushed myself far greater than I ever imagined… Perfectionist took over… So wanting to impress my principal I searched the internet for ideas on INBs. Luckily I had two coworkers at the time who had already introduced INBs into their classrooms so I absorbed as much information as possible from them and began my slow transition into teaching through Interactive Notebooks. As I became super excited with this new creative side that I could explore I felt drawn to Pinterest and the blog MathEqualsLove while later discovering a whole network of amazing math bloggers. So here I am today starting on my own amazing journey. I hope that when you read my blog you accept my crazy random thoughts, misspelled words and grammatical errors out the wazoos, and my newness to this blogging thing.

So what to expect… This year I’m obsessed with organization and already have a few ideas to blog about soon. Also I really want to gear my students towards being unafraid of word problems and to begin processing in real life situations so I’m hoping to try out some great ideas I have seen on twitter. This blog is also my reflection time, to see my successes and failures, and to improve on them in a way that will always help me grow as a teacher and to look to the future no matter what.

Thanks for all your support MTBoS!! God Bless

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  1. Yay Christie!! I'm so glad you've started blogging! You shared so many awesome ideas and resources with me, I can't wait to hear about how you plan on implementing them and how it goes.
    Btw super cute font!