Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Add'Em Up Task Cards

Hey guys here is a quick post of the activity I tweeted the other day on my Add'Em Up Task Cards. I made a twist on an activity I had heard about a few years ago during a department meeting where we had discussed some activities to get kids interested in practice problems. I loved how the Add'Em up activity forces students to work in groups and rely on each other. 

Here is a quick outline of how to play the activity:

1) Each student gets a card
2) Students solve their own problem and get a solution (must be a numerical value)
3) Add each student's solution (value) together and it must equal the total value on the group card
4) If the total is incorrect students must decide who is wrong and correct the mistakes to get the correct total 

Rules I put in place to help the flow of the activity:

1) Students get out blank piece of paper & fold in half twice (creates 4 blocks on the front & back)
2) Must write down group color and problem number
3) When students finish early before another student have those switch and check work to avoid errors
4) If you have whiteboards (I have a class set) let students use those to teach each other when someone messes up or is confused. The person with the mistake should still be writing their own problem down (that way everyone works the whole time)

Here are the files:

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