Saturday, April 8, 2017

Reflection for 1st 9 weeks of Spring Semester 2017

Let me just say... Is it summer yet??? I don't know about yall but I'm exhausted. I need like a weeks worth of nothing but sleeping in and taking long naps during the afternoon to get maybe just a lit bit of the energy I have lost from all the effort I have put in this semester. Spring Break is in one week thank goodness but being a single mom to a three year old I don't see those much needed naps in my future so I guess I'll just keep drinking my coffee.

So here is a recap of everything you have missed because blogging is unfortantely at the very bottom of my to-do list.

1) I have made TONS of card sorts and I can't wait to share them!! They are like my new favorite thing along with the laminator I bought at the beginning of the school year which is totally worth every penny.

2) I have spent so much time this semester doing more hands on practice and I really miss using my Desmos Activities. So this is a reminder to book the mobile carts and get those students thinking a little deeper. Today I was checking out some of the latest activities designed by the staff at Desmos and I came across a trig graphs activity to teach amplitude and it made me think of how cool it would be to make an activity for shading the domain and range of a function. Super excited to share that activity its pretty awesome even if you use as just a teaching tool for direct instruction.

3) Overall my students are amazing this semester. It's so awesome when you get a group of students who really seem to want to learn and try really hard. I feel like I am really growing in the classroom management area too.

4) This is my second semester doing standards based grading and I love it!! It's so great to be able to look at my master list and know exactly where I need to focus my instruction with each individual student. I have changed a little bit in how they are graded just because I wanted to give them the oppurtunity to continue with any standard even if we were in a new 9 weeks. I'll try to make this a post in the future.

5) I am continuing to build to my supply of classroom instructional posters which has truly made the learning more visual for some of my students. I get so excited when I see my students using the number lines or the perfect squares & cubes posters. I just created a graphing with a calculator and the slope intercept form poster.

6) Started using only schoolnet tests this semester as my assessments and it is amazing. Yes my students tend to bomb the test in the beginning and some standards are much harder than others but I know they are getting more practice in preparing them for the EOC or NC Final exams.

Sorry if this post was on the boring side but I want to keep track of how things are going in my classroom year to year and it has been forever since I blogged so this is more of a brain dump than anything else.

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