Thursday, May 11, 2017

Dance Dance Transversal & Angle Relationships

Have you heard of dance dance transversal??? 

If so then you know just how cool this blog is going to be!

If not you need to check out Jenn's blog and the original blog by Algebrainiac because this is the coolest activity I have done in my class. I love love love it!!! I wish I had tried it sooner in the year with my honors class because I really think they would have enjoyed it and would have remembered their angle relationships much better. 

I started my lesson with notes on the different angle relationships using the set of notes below. 

Then we went right into the dance dance transversal activity. Of course you will have a few students who are shy and may not want to do this activity with the class but just try to convince them that they will have fun and that you are going to dance with them. I did not have my activity as prepared as others because it was a really last minute decision. I would suggest already having your tape placed on the floor but if you don't (like me) it doesn't take that long. I used painters tape because it comes off the floor really easily. Also you do not have to move all your desks out of the way. Just place the tape in open holes around your room. 

Before we started the powerpoints we practiced the moves. I modeled what each angle relationship should look like and they copied each move. 

Then we did rapid fire practice like: 

Alternate Interior
Same Side Interior
Alternate Exterior
Same Side Interior
Alternate Interior

I also had them do the opposite of each move we just completed. So if they used left top and bottom right for Alternate Exterior then they would use right top and bottom left for the switch move. After a few more rapid fire practice rounds we were ready for the powerpoints and our dancing. 

You can download the powerpoints (music is included) from the blog by Jenn. They are awesome and I really hope to either get a copy of the orignial templates or learn how to create some myself. I love the movement involved in this lesson and hope to incorporate this idea into other topics. 

Do you have any ideas for other lessons that you could use this kind of movement? 

My current thoughts:

 Different types of functions 
Maybe no tape & more like simon says, I've done this before
 but a powerpoint with music would be a great addition

 Use end behavior like y=x left foot Q3 & right foot Q1

End Behavior of functions 
Just x & y axis students would use left foot as -x & f(x) 
while right foot +x & f(x))

Unit Circle Degrees or Radians
Not sure how to do the tape, seems like a lot of lines
 but maybe you could do large circles
 & small groups that rotate out

Another resource for Angle Relationships is a card sort that I created. They could work in groups or individually. I love this one because you could use them more than once to reinforce the skill. I even had a few students ask to take these home to practice the day we did it and the night before their test. 

If you would like to download the resources for this lesson they are below:

Notes for Angle Relationships
Powerpoints for Dance Dance Transversal
Card Sort for Angle Relationships

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