Wednesday, May 3, 2017

First Week 2016-2017

So this is random but found I this blog that I never posted... school can get so busy that you just forget so many important things. I wanted to make sure I posted this one because of my list at the bottom to hopefully have to refer back to this summer and before the next school year. Also I'll be reflecting over the end of the school year soon so I'll want to compare my new list to this old one.

I have never felt so unorganized at the beginning of the school year as I did this past week. I spent so much time working on getting all my posters laminated and hung up on the walls that I really didn't spend as much time planning for the first week as I should have. So here is a quick list of things I think went well for the beginning of school and things I will definitely change next semester.

Things to keep:
1) Posters - already used them as references in my instruction several times
2) ALL Notes - copying & handing out multiple units the first week will save so much time later
3) Desmos/Calc Activity - awesome worksheet to help students investigate similarities & differences in the technology we will be using during the semester
4) Name Tents - great to help me learn names quickly & loved the feedback form on the inside
5) Number Talks - some what a struggle but got to stick with this

Things to change:
1) Syllabus - go over this first day even if it is only for 5 mins
2) Rules & Procedures - go over this first day very important
3) Seating Chart 1st Day - wish I had done this on day one so students don't think I'm taking away a privaledge later when I have to put them in assigned seats (right now I am having them choose a different group to sit with about every three days but some still don't sit exactly where I would like them to sit)
4) Unpack - get organized before school starts (I am still pulling stuff out of my cabinets that should be put in a specific place in the room to find easily)

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  1. I still have some drafts from the beginning of the year, too!