Sunday, May 7, 2017

Ratios & Proportions

I'm on a blogging roll... now if only I could keep this up. 

Below you will find my notes and card sorts that I have created for a lesson on ratios and proportions. I think this is a middle school standard but because we need to know ratios and proportions for triangle similarity I thought it was best to do a quick review before teaching that topic. 

This is my first triples card sort and honestly I haven't actually used it yet. We breezed right over this just doing random examples but I wanted to prepare something for the next time I taught it that would be more fun for my students. The plan is to tell them to start with problems 1-8 then explain there are two more ratios that are proportional.

Again we haven't actually used this activity but I'm preparing for next year. This card sort has alot of problems so I will probably allow students to work in pairs to find the solutions so it will not take as long to complete. 

Here are the files if you would like to download and use them: 

Card Sort for Ratio Triples
Card Sort for Solving Proportions

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